WingX Pro7 vs Garmin 796

 Feature WingX Pro7 Garmin 796
Price Summary
Initial Cost - Apple iPad - $499 to $699
- $99 for WingX Subscription
- $99 for Synthetic Vision (not a typo)
Garmin 796 - $2,495 to $2,795

* Lower street prices available

Annual Subscription Cost - $99 for WingX Subscription
- $99 for Synthetic Vision
$499 for bundle price
I dropped it, it broke, now what? - Apple iPad - $499 to $699 $699 initial replacement. Note: Unless there was obvious abuse, Garmin is very likely to replace your unit with a newly overhauled unit for a fraction of the cost of new.
Synthetic Vision
Realistic 3D Terrain View Yes Yes
Terrain Coloring Yes Yes
Obstacles Yes Yes
Real Pitch and Bank using AHRS Yes - using wireless AHRS unit from Levil Technology No.  The Garmin 796 uses potentially incorrect bank angle derived from heading changes and perhaps speed and other values.  Moreover, the 796 3D Vision will not show pitch or bank in the usual manner, however the little airplane banks based on the derived bank angle.
Slide Finger to change heading/altitude Yes/Yes Yes/No
Display Synthetic Vision in split-view Yes Yes
Physical and Performance
Display Size 7.5"W x 9.5"H 3.6"W x 6.0"H
Display Area 71.25 in2 21.6 in2
Display Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
786,432 pixels
480 x 800 pixels
384,000 pixels
Battery Life About 8 hours Up to 3 hours with full backlight and GXM 40 connected (8 hours with 50% backlighting and XM connected)
Touchscreen Yes Yes
GPS Receiver Internal receiver, external Bad Elf, DUAL GPS, GNS 5870, or WAAS-enabled SkyRadar ADS-B High-sensitivity with WAAS position accuracy
ADS-B Weather Yes No
XM Weather Coming Soon Yes
Databases and Memory
VFR Sectionals Yes Yes
IFR Enroute Low/High Yes Yes
Includes Jeppesen® data No Yes
Terrain Database High-Resolution High-Resolution
Obstacle Database Yes Yes
Taxi Assistance SmartTaxi™ SafeTaxi™
AOPA Airport Directory Yes Yes
Low & high altitude enroute airways: Yes Yes
Private Airports Yes Yes
Built-in Memory Type Internal solid state Internal solid state
Built-in Memory Size 16GB, 32GB, 64GB Unknown
Waypoints/favorites/locations Unlimited 3,000
Routes Unlimited 50
Fuel Prices Yes No
Road Navigation Available on iPad with free apps (not in WingX) No
Price and Use
Initial Price 99c About $2,500
Annual Subscription - $99.95 for Base Subscription
- $99.95 for Synthetic Vision
$499 for bundle price
Print Approach Charts Yes No
email, surf  the web, watch movies, ... Yes No

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