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Press Releases
3/7/2017 Hilton Software Awarded $17M Aeronautical Mobile Application Contract by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency PDF
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10/22/2013 WingX Pro7 Adds Support for ARINC 429 Aircraft Data Bus PDF
9/3/2013 WingX Pro7 Adds Support for ADS-B Out and FAA-Certified GPS Data PDF
7/17/2013 WingX Pro7 Version 7.0 Delivers Advanced Weather from Baron Services, Enhances IFR Situational Awareness and Adds Pitot-Static Support PDF
12/19/2012 WingX® Pro7 Version 6.9 Adds Advanced SmartTaxi®, Search And Rescue Grids and Search Patterns, and XGPS170 ADS-B Support PDF
9/10/2012 WingX® Pro7 Version 6.8 Adds GPWS and FlightShare™ PDF
6/4/2012 WingX® Pro7 Version 6.5 Adds Track Up In Moving Map PDF
4/16/2012 WingX® Pro7 Version 6.4 Adds ADS-B Traffic and Moving Map Obstacles PDF
3/12/2012 WingX® Pro7 Version 6.2 Adds Passive RADAR Altimeter™, Flight Simulation Mode, and Real-Time Descent Profile Information PDF
1/18/2012 WingX® Pro7 Version 6.1 Adds Support For iPhone, Zaon Traffic, And AvConnect PDF
9/21/2011 WingX® Pro7 adds Zaon Flight System PCAS Traffic PDF
8/22/2011 Hilton Software LLC announces WingX® Pro7 Support for Aspen Avionics’ Connected Panel™ PDF
7/19/2011 WingX® Pro7 Version 6 Delivers Synthetic Vision to iPad, Integrates With Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) PDF
3/16/2011 WingX® Pro7 Version 5 Adds ADS-B In-Flight Weather, Terrain-Enhanced VFR Sectionals and IFR Enroute Charts PDF
11/10/2010 WingX® Pro7 Version 4.5 Announced – Adds Enroute Charts, WebPlan, 100LL.com Fuel Prices and Wireless Chart Printing PDF
7/12/2010 WingX® Pro7 for iPad adds Geo-Referenced Approach Charts PDF
6/10/2010 Hilton Software LLC announces WingX® Pro7 for iPad – The $99 Moving Map PDF
4/12/2010 WingX™ for Android – Supports new Motorola DROID PDF
2/24/2010 WingX™ for iPhone Version 3.6 Adds CSC DUATS NEXrad RADAR, Moving Map Airspaces, and Yelp Integration with the AOPA Directory PDF
8/10/2009 Max Trescott GPS Guides for the iPhone PDF
9/30/2009 WingX™ for iPhone Version 3.0 Adds GPS-Enabled Terrain-Aware Moving Map PDF
4/21/2009 Hilton Software LLC Releases WingX for iPhone PDF
7/8/2008 Hilton Software LLC Releases WingX™ for BlackBerry Smartphones PDF
4/8/2008 Jeppesen Mobile Brings Globally-Trusted Data and Proven Technology to Smart Phones and PDAs link
9/20/2007 Hilton Software LLC Releases WingX for the Smartphone PDF
7/20/2007 Hilton Software LLC Releases WingX 2.5 with DUATS Support PDF
5/15/2007 Hilton Software LLC Receives $1 Million Private Financing Commitment PDF
4/25/2007 Hilton Software LLC Upgrades its SmartTaxi™ Runway Incursion Warning System and adds Animated NEXRAD Weather Images PDF
9/14/2006 Hilton Software LLC Releases WingX 2.0; Adds NACO Charts, SmartTaxi™ Runway Incursion Warning System, and Online Weather Images PDF
10/27/2005 Hilton Software LLC Introduces Its New WingX Browser™; A Free Aviation Weather and Internet Communications Portal PDF
6/23/2005 Hilton Software LLC's WingX Version 1.7 Boosts Its Feature Set; Extends Its Dominance In The Aviation-Related Marketplace  

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