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iOS 7.0.4 Update (Nov 15, 2013): We are testing iOS 7.0.4, but given that we are now several versions away from iOS 7.0, we feel that its stability should be acceptable.  We continue to recommend having a backup.

Note: This has never been an issue with WingX Pro7 or any other EFB app.

Note: This will be our last update about iOS 7 stability.

iOS 7.0.2 Update (Oct 1, 2013): We continue to caution users on upgrading to iOS 7.0.2.  Without WingX Pro7 or any other EFB software running we saw interesting UI artifacts including a case where all the iOS 7 icons were simply missing (see image on right).  We sent a screen shot and a short movie showing this iOS 7 bug to Apple.  WingX Pro7 runs just fine on iOS 7.  While upgrading to iOS 7.0.2 should not cause any WingX Pro7 problems, we urge caution and highly recommend backups such as a second iPad or iPhone.

Original Post (September 22, 2013): Our iOS 7 Update Recommendation and Our Reasons
Yesterday we send out an email recommending that users do not upgrade to iOS 7.0. We received a lot of responses and wanted to clear up a few things and explain why we are currently not recommending that pilots upgrade to iOS 7.0.  Some of the email questions and comments we have received:

  1. Q: Your email is too late, I've already upgraded to iOS 7.0.  A: We didn't want to base our recommendations on a Developer Beta of iOS 7.  So we, just like you, waited for the final iOS 7.0 release.  After just 2 or 3 days, we saw problems with iOS 7 that concerned us and we immediately sent out our email.
  2. Q: Fix your bugs.  A: We have had fewer than 5 pilots reporting problems - we have had many many pilots reporting that WingX Pro7 is working great after the iOS 7 upgrade.  To put this into perspective we have thousands and thousands of users running WingX Pro7 on various models of iPad and iPhone.  It turns out that the 'bugs' that have been reported have been found to be not attributable to WingX Pro7 on iOS 7.  In addition, we have been testing WingX Pro7 on iOS 7.0 for hours and hours, running numerous tests and simulations, on various iPads and iPhones, with and without split screen, Synthetic Vision, GPWS, and so on, we have not seen one single crash attributable to WingX Pro7 on iOS 7.0.  Our testing continues...
  3. FYI:  iOS 7 apparently has a vulnerability.  Click here to see how others can get access to your photos and other personal information.
OK, so what's our beef with iOS 7?  Well, we're coming at it from a position of reliability; i.e. a crash or hang is OK while tweeting, but not while flying.  All the comments that follow are based on the final version of iOS 7 and not a Beta release for Developers, and at no time were we running WingX Pro7 or any other EFB app - we were just 'checking out' iOS 7; i.e. sending messages, going to contacts, generic stuff.
  • We had an iPad 3 completely hang to a point where just the 'desktop' background was visible, no icons, nothing.  Even the hardware buttons were 'dead'.  It was locked up solid.  We finally managed to reboot it.  Since it was 'locked up' , we cannot show you a screen shot.  Imagine if this happened during a 'busy time' on a flight.
  • Last night, we saw an iPhone running iOS 7 shutdown and restart. Again, no screen shot possible for obvious reasons.
  • We have seen the 'desktop' completely misbehave - we've never seen anything like this on earlier versions of iOS.  The good news here is that we were able to take some screen shots to show you - see below.

Screen Shots of 'desktop' corruption
Note that some icons have been blanked out for privacy purposes, but the important thing to notice is that no apps where even running at the time these screen shots were taken (other than Safari and Settings - while writing this email we saw iOS 7's Settings crash too), the icons are completely misaligned, some are up against the right side of the screen and if I remember correctly we could not 'scroll' to the adjacent page, and some icons are 'cut off' at the bottom in the second image.  These are just some of the screen shots - we have screen shots of other cases where icons where overlapped on top of each other, etc...

iOS7 Screen Corruption 1

iOS7 Screen Corruption 2

iOS7 Screen Corruption 3

We have seen other EFB app developers say that their app is "iOS 7 ready" - well, so is WingX Pro7, but we are more interested in the big picture and if the operating system 'has problems', it really doesn't matter if any particular app is "iOS 7 ready" or not, we feel that we owe it to you to let you know as soon as possible.

Our 'early alert' was just that.  We sent the warning out of an abundance of caution - please don't shoot the messenger.  In conclusion, because of issues we have seen with iOS 7 (reboots, lock up, and strange UI behavior) and unrelated to any third party app (including WingX Pro7), we cannot recommend upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS 7 (for now).

If you have already upgraded to iOS 7.0, just be aware that there are some instability issues in the underlying iOS and be sure to upgrade to the latest iOS as soon as Apple releases an update.

Thank your for your continued support of WingX Pro7.

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